TruckPark began as an idea to help Truck Drivers find premiere parking locations along their routes. Since then, TruckPark has evolved as a company whose mission is to not only provide exclusive truck parking locations, but to provide an unparalleled experience for the driver.


At TruckPark, we pride ourselves by providing exclusive TruckPark locations for Truck Drivers. TruckPark empowers drivers to engage their profession with passion and purpose. We are the premiere destination for world-class trucking experience. Our mission is to ensure that drivers are safe, engaged and stress-free as they navigate throughout the world.


Anthony Petitte

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Anthony Petitte has a much diversified portfolio in the SMB and Enterprise market. Before graduating from Kendall College with a Bachelors of Science in Hospitality Management, he worked at a boutique technology firm building and optimizing internet startups. In his 6 year tenure as a Digital Marketer, he led the company to new altitudes bringing in over $1M in revenue and tens of thousands of web traffic MoM just at the age of 22. This led him to a successful career in executive search and business development where he now works for a Managed IT and Talent Acquisition firm in Chicago’s loop. Now Anthony, 26, is extremely ambitious, ethical, and has a desire for facing challenges. He is passionate about solving every-day problems and hopes to change the game in his new venture, “TruckPark”, a startup that will empower truck drivers globally.

Joshua Walls 2

Joshua Walls

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Joshua is a passionate and proven leader with multifaceted expertise. His extensive experience in strategic planning, leading organizational change that aligns with business objectives, coaching and mentoring teams allowed him to receive the distinguish Neiman Marcus Leader of the Year Award. He successfully developed and implemented an engagement tool to improve employee engagement and the customer experience which reduced turnover and enhanced the customer experience. He has recruited, trained, mentored, coached and managed an energetic team of 50 sales leaders and two direct reports while generating 12 million in revenue at Neiman Marcus. As an HR Consultant for BrightStar Care, Joshua managed a national centralized talent acquisition campaign while passionately training business partners on sourcing strategies which saved them time and improved their hiring process. If he’s not coaching one on one he was passionately leading classroom training sessions on ATS and talent acquisition strategies which empowered business partners to confidently utilize their proprietary ATS system. Joshua earned his BA Psychology from Trinity International University and MA in Organizational Leadership Training and Development from Lewis University.


Craig George

Chief Information Officer

Craig George has served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) across various organizations. Responsible for all of TruckPark’s Information Technology (IT), cybersecurity program, risk management and data privacy and security compliance. Mr. George has more than 12 years’ experience managing all aspects of information technology in transformation environments in Healthcare, Advertising, Market Research and Consulting Services industries. His breadth of IT expertise spans across various technology areas including service management, project management, governance, compliance, risk management, infrastructure, and solution implementation with specialties in incident response, vulnerability management and security solution/tool implementation and analysis. He has a B.S. in Network Communications from DeVry University and an MBA and Project Management Master’s degree from Keller Graduate School of Management.