Chad Boblett Joins TruckPark as First Influencer

Chad Boblett Joins TruckPark as First Influencer

TruckPark  is proud to announce our latest directive to market; TruckPark Influencers. A new team aligned with our advisors to drive business growth and marketing efforts and just as important bring to the forefront the challenges that drivers face every day.

We proudly welcome Chad Boblett to the TruckPark team. A truck driver,  Influencer, former Marine and advocate for owner operators with 14+ years of transportation and logistics experience. He is a powerful voice in transportation with over 30,000 followers in his Facebook group, Rate Per Mile Masters. He faces the same challenges as most truckers and has proclaimed that truck parking has been an issue for many years and change is needed. The collaboration between Chad Boblett and TruckPark is extremely potent. It is a unified voice in the industry that drivers need reliable and safe places to stay and with the ability to plan ahead for a guaranteed parking spot it doesn’t place the responsibility purely on the driver to secure one.

It’s common knowledge that parking at truck stops and rest areas fill quick . Drivers find themselves forced to shut down along the ramps, highways, and back alleys if they can find them. It is getting more and more difficult as law enforcement has cracked down on this to avoid cargo theft and motorist accidents. TruckPark has solved the problem with a network of parking spaces conveniently located near highway exits across the nation. Thousands of spaces are now available to be reserved via the TruckPark app.

With the help of Chad, the TruckPark team will be working on programs to influence change. There are many inequities within the transportation industry and TruckPark’s mission is to provide a sounding board for drivers and respond to their needs with programs and partnerships that will make their lives better.

“We are pumped to bring Chad onboard and work with him to make a difference in the industry. Our mission and values are based on empowering truck drivers and that is what we intend to do. Chad will be marketing, campaigning and being an agent of change in the boardroom. We are pleased to announce him to the public and only hope that will influence more truck drivers to get onboard” said TruckPark CEO and Founder, Anthony Petitte.


TruckPark operates the largest network of secure, bookable parking spaces targeted to the over the road driver. Drivers and fleets rely on TruckPark’s inventory of over 5000 spaces conveniently located across the country. A values-based company driven by the mission “to empower truck drivers while providing a safe and unmatched experience,” TruckPark is  revolutionizing the trucking industry by providing drivers with an easy and reliable app to find safe, secure parking, and an opportunity for private lot owners to maximize their revenues.

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