Opinion from our CEO

Opinion from our CEO

There have been many challenges this year, respectfully for everyone. 2020 kicked off bearish with the spot market and the OTVI volumes much lower than the previous year. In March, the United States along with the rest of the world dealt with the plundering pandemic – that still is affecting us today. In April, the world saw declining markets at all-time lows reminding those of another day in 1929, 1987 and 2008.

Let us all be honest, without the courageous help of first responders and truck drivers, we would not be in the same economic place we are in today. If truck drivers stopped delivery of goods for one day; hospitals would run out of supplies, all delivery would cease, including Amazon, food shortages would begin to develop, gas would slowly run dry, leading to high prices and long lines at gas pumps. Truck drivers are essential to the way we live today.

In April and May, the transportation and logistics industry spent time posting and creating marketing material for our truck drivers. Some of us got on the radio other posted through social media channels.  Unfortunately, the high regards and gratefulness only lasted 60 days before things got back to normal and drivers were just another lucrative opportunity. Quite a shame.

With the help of our advisors, the TruckPark team and discussions with truck drivers – we developed a continual opportunity for drivers to demonstrate our gratefulness by creating a place where truck drivers can ban together with other truck driver “evangelists” and associations to influence change.

Drivers have expressed that parking is a major concern, especially in today’s culture. Truck stops occupy quickly due to the demand and spaces are likely unavailable before 4pm. Many drivers find themselves forced to shutdown along the ramps, highways, and back alleys if they can find them. It is getting more and more difficult as law enforcement has greater imposed this effort to avert cargo theft and motorist related accidents. The greatest challenge of this all, has been parking costs. It is comprehensible why drivers want their companies to pay for parking, and in some circumstances, they should. Particularly for companies moving high risk payloads. A secure and reserved parking space can help mitigate all of these risks.  

There are many parking apps out there. Drivers have stated they are more inclined to the parking apps that provide current, useful information on space availability. TruckPark aims to solve this and better improve the parking experience. One of the TruckPark products is an app that allows independent and owner operators with 5 or less trucks to find, reserve, and pay for parking in real-time. As close as real-time gets, a driver can plan their days in advance knowing that their spot will be guaranteed when they arrive. Opposed to technology that shows predictions on space availability.

TruckPark does not own any of the parking locations displayed in app, the company simply shows visibility of parking with data showing space availability, price, amenities, lat/long coordinates, description to navigate the yard and facility contact information. The most gratifying component of the reservation process is for truck drivers to receive discounted parking and can do so through digital freight companies, brokers, and TruckPark Influencers. Our team works around the clock to improve the experience and make it as simple and effortless as possible to find safe parking.

My opinion…..

Anthony N. Petitte


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