TruckPark Services


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Mobile application for independent and owner operator drivers with 5 trucks or less to find, reserve and pay for secure parking in real-time.


Enterprise Booking System for brokers, carriers and shippers

Fleets using TruckPark Reserve get instant access to managed parking in one place, automated payment processing and much more.


The #1 rated loyalty card in transportation

This is not a fuel card. Rather a lifestyle card that helps drivers receive perpetual discounts on truck parking, unmatched savings and a proprietary rewards system for truckers.

Driver Support

Unlike traditional automated support systems, drivers will always have a live person dedicated to resolving any issues.

Real-time Data

We aggregate and show parking data in real-time to our customers. Our partners too have access to reconciliation reports generated per booking.

Technical Support

Having a technical issue? We have technical support services 24/7 for all issues.

Predictive Guidance

Our robust technologies are built with predictive route guidance for drivers to find parking near their pickup/delivery location.

Concierge Services

We pride ourselves in safety, so we added a concierge service to book reservations for drivers while they’re on the road. Simply, call us and we will handle the leg work.

Automated Payments

All platforms are programmed with automated payments. Brokers, carriers and shippers can seamlessly pre-pay or pay on the fly.

Learn more about our process

Predictive parking is in the past. Our solution offers drivers; guaranteed and secure parking in real-time. Why trust a system that is only 80% accurate when you can trust the parking professionals that your space is 100% available at all times.

Payload Security

Hauling a medium – high value load? We offer secure locations across the country to protect your payload.

Route Planning

We created a product for dispatchers to reserve on behalf of their drivers creating more efficient routes for drivers and improved productivity.

Driver Experience

Since day 1, we created an unmatched experience for drivers and we will continue to do our best to make sure we provide this.