Reliance Partners and TruckPark Announce New Tech Partnership to Explore Safety for Long-Haul Truck Drivers

Reliance Partners and TruckPark Announce New Tech Partnership to Explore Safety for Long-Haul Truck Drivers

CHATTANOOGA, TN – Reliance Partners is taking an innovative step to encourage driver wellbeing, safety, and payload security among commercial fleet drivers by partnering with TruckPark to explore how parking reservations can help improve truck driver rest quality and increase overall operational safety.
This partnership comes on the heels of concerning data regarding sleep deprivation and truckers. With fatalities up nearly 5 percent from 2018, Reliance Partners (Reliance) is committed to improving driver performance by aiding in the increase of quality rest for commercial truck drivers.
Reliance also affirms that drivers, who return to duty fresh and truly well-rested, are safer operational assets. Further insight into supporting this concept could lead to lower premiums for fleets who provide parking reservations to its drivers.
“This partnership exemplifies our commitment to safety and innovation by looking at how technology can be used to improve driver well-being and operational safety of commercial trucks,” said Chad Eichelberger, President at Reliance Partners. “We’re confident that providing our members with solutions like TruckPark’s app-based parking reservation platform will help our members improve safety on the roadways by improving the quality of driver rest standards within their fleets.”
U.S. truck parking demand significantly exceeds supply which has created a national shortage of parking spaces for commercial trucks. The problem not only causes drivers to waste valuable driving time and duty hours, but causes parking related stress and threatens personal safety and payload security.
TruckPark is leading the digital transformation of parking and offers the first, single platform solution in the industry with app-based technology for drivers, parking operators and property owners. Drivers who reserve secure parking waste no time and drive straight to their parking spot, don’t feel parking related anxiety or stress and feel safer and more secure in facilities that meet strict minimum security requirements.
“If you are a truck driver who is wired from a full day’s work, stressed out about not finding a parking spot and then being forced to hunker down in an unsafe or unauthorized location, it’s hard for the brain to feel rested, and if that state is not achieved, the driver doesn’t sleep,” said Cokey Ellerbe, VP of Strategy for TruckPark. “And if a driver becomes sleep deprived because of poor rest quality, then overall operational safety can be compromised. TruckPark offers a fix by providing drivers a guaranteed parking spot in a safe secure space where they can really settle down, disengage, relax and get quality rest — we’re excited to explore this more with Reliance Partners.”

About TruckPark
TruckPark is the digital truck parking leader and the largest single platform where truck drivers find, reserve and pay for guaranteed safe parking in real time. Thousands of drivers have access to TruckPark’s free mobile app to find and access secure truck parking in locations across the eastern, central and western U.S. For more information visit

About Reliance Partners
Reliance Partners is one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in the United States and a
privately held top-10 provider of a wide range of insurance products and risk management services for the transportation and logistics industry. For more than 10 years, Reliance has been providing solutions for safeguarding the supply chain networks that drive the American economy forward.
By focusing brilliant minds, Reliance has developed integrated technology that secures freight brokers and motor carriers with top-level coverage at affordable pricing. And through the company’s commitment to service excellence and continuous process innovation, Reliance shields thousands of customers against costly risk and accelerates sustainable business growth. For more information visit

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