TruckPark and FuelMe Launch Joint Venture for Combined Services

TruckPark and FuelMe Launch Joint Venture for Combined Services

• Truck drivers will save time and money with on-demand fueling service brought to them at safe and secure parking facilities around the country
• The partnership will further drive the rapid growth of both companies

CHICAGO, January 5, 2021: TruckPark today announced a joint venture partnership with FuelMe that will leverage both companies’ market leadership in improving the truck driving experience and helping trucking fleets and drivers save time and money.

TruckPark is the leader in providing truck drivers with safe and secure over-night parking using an easy and reliable app. FuelMe provides on-demand fuel delivery and roadside assistance and is developing capability for electric vehicle charging.
As a result of this joint venture, drivers who reserve parking using the TruckPark app will also be able to schedule fuelling at the parking facility. According to a national study, drivers often wait 62 minutes or more to fuel-up at major truck stops (especially during peak hours). By booking parking and fuel on-demand, drivers eliminate major wait times.

“Our partnership with FuelMe is a big win for the nearly two million truck drivers who already have access to the TruckPark app and now will benefit from the time-saving convenience of having fuel brought directly to them,” said TruckPark CEO Anthony Petitte. “This is a natural synergy for our two companies that are both dedicated to enhancing the truck driving experience for our customers. Truck drivers and fleets can opt-in beginning today for fuel using both the TruckPark app and FuelMe app. This will eventually turn into a major application to provide these important services anywhere a driver is held up.”

Early adopters of the combined services will get a $50.00 off fuel gift card for their first purchase.

“FuelMe was developed with the mobile truck driver and site working group in mind,” said FuelMe President William Marr. “Our proprietary application is simple to use and will be a huge advantage to the user in efficiency and time management. You can finally have all your data in one place. Route planning is a breeze.”
Marr continued: “With TruckPark and its national network, we as a team can offer an industry advantage with complete disruption for old school rest and fuelling options. Why not buy fuel while you rest, and then get up and roll? All this for less than pump prices will enable FuelMe and TruckPark to build a competitive position for full vendor reduction and service capabilities for years to come! It’s about time the fleet managers and independent drivers use their time for revenue and let us do the rest, pun intended.”

The joint venture includes revenue sharing for both companies from each transaction.

TruckPark Inc. is a values-based company driven by the mission “to empower truck drivers while providing a safe and unmatched experience.” We will revolutionize the trucking industry by providing drivers with an easy and reliable app to find safe, secure parking, and an opportunity for private lot owners to maximize their revenues. TruckPark: Reserve. Relax. Repeat.

FuelMe is a first of its kind cloud-based technology platform that allows customers to purchase fuel and receive emergency roadside assistance services to multiple sites and for various assets such as trucks, machinery, generators, or tanks. FuelMe simplifies the fuel procurement process while enabling customers to manage all purchases on a single platform, optimizing operations and administrative procedures while providing extensive cost savings. Serving both On-Road clients such as fleets of trucks and Off-Road clients such as machinery on a construction site, FuelMe is the optimal solution for any customer. FuelMe manages client orders from start to finish through a reliable nationwide vendor coverage network, which guarantees clients the price and service they require, and truly deserve. With GPS live order tracking users can manage their orders in real time while also providing delivery, fuel data, and accounting management to owners. FuelMe is your one stop solution for 24/7 fuel ordering and emergency roadside assistance services anywhere in the nation.

Media contact: Jon Harmon (630) 815-6586

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