TruckPark Announces its 3rd and 4th location in Missouri

TruckPark Announces its 3rd and 4th location in Missouri

TruckPark today announced both its 3rd and 4th parking operator partnership in Missouri. The partnership is with Jared’s Truck Parking to provide reservable parking for commercial trucks now in Laquey and Springfield, MO. TruckPark is a Chicago-based company committed to improving the truck driving experience using technology to overcome the problem of finding safe and secure parking.

This first outdoor and secure yard is in Springfield, MO and available immediately.  The facility is located right off MO Interstate 44 and US Rte. 66 across the road from United Rentals. The facility is in an industrial area but has a nearby restaurant about a half mile away. It is equipped with a fenced perimeter, ample lighting, clean, and wi-fi access. Parking space available for Semi-Trucks both for monthly and long-term parking. The second outdoor and secure yard is in Laquey, MO directly off MO interstate 44 and the road right before Swindell Drive. The facility is equipped with a fenced perimeter, ample lighting, clean and wi-fi access. Once you have made your reservation, expect to receive a text message from TruckPark for your digital receipt. You can download the TruckPark app on iOS and Android to view overnight and monthly parking options.

TruckPark is adding parking facilities throughout the continental U.S., beginning with locations throughout the Southwest, Northeast and now Midwest states—with a priority on locations where it is often most difficult for truckers to find overnight parking. Our mission is predicated on creating the ultimate experience for the driver by providing reservable parking and improving operational safety. Carriers can now download the app and reserve parking for their fleets.

Finding an available parking spot has become increasingly difficult for commercial truck drivers. There are about 1.6 million for-hire truck drivers in the US. actively searching for parking 215 days per year, according to the American Trucking Association, but fewer than 400,000 available parking spots.

TruckPark Inc. is a values-based company driven by the mission “to empower truck drivers while providing a safe and unmatched experience.” We will revolutionize the trucking industry by providing drivers with an easy and reliable app to find safe, secure parking, and an opportunity for private lot owners to maximize their revenues.

Reserve now and drive safely!

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