TruckPark gears up to launch parking app for truck drivers

TruckPark gears up to launch parking app for truck drivers

TruckPark is set to launch its TruckPark App on Monday, May 6, bringing the company’s parking platform live to truck drivers over the road.

TruckPark is a real-time inventory management and booking platform that connects truck drivers with safe and available parking along their routes.
The company is based in Chicago, the nation’s third largest city for freight movements, and thereby accounts for the greatest parking consumption by truck drivers in the country.

Anthony Petitte and Joshua Walls are the founders of TruckPark. Petitte was inspired to develop a solution to parking while helping his late uncle expand his operations as a parking lot operator for tractor-trailers. He found himself continuously searching for available lots and wasting time in the process. Regularly hearing complaints from other drivers as well, Petitte decided to start TruckPark to provide drivers up-to-the-moment parking information to help them find safe and available parking.

“I founded TruckPark to eliminate the headaches that truck drivers experience out on the road, as well as to provide a safer alternative than having to stop on road shoulders and abandoned gas stations just to meet Hours of Service (HOS) requirements. When forced to make a stop, drivers may experience ticketing for illegally parking, not to mention the huge safety risks for motor carriers when driving at night,” said Petitte.

“Schedules are tight and loads are heavy, so every bit of efficiency matters when it comes this industry. Our app helps to drive down the costs and speed up the time, while helping reduce emissions and increase safety as well.”

The U.S. has roughly 300,000 parking spots to support 3 million truck drivers, according to Petitte. Petitte cited a recent American Transportation Association study that found drivers spend 56 minutes per day looking for parking, amounting to an annual 9,300 minutes and loss of $4,600 per driver.
The Chicago region, where TruckPark has been building out its proof-of-concept, has more than 5,000 truck drivers in Chicago searching for safe parking every day.

Petitte noted, “Due to the recent electronic logging laws, private lots are reaching capacity and drivers are parking on the side of highways to meet HOS requirements. We’re helping drivers meet these challenges.”

TruckPark partners with private lot owners around the country to ensure drivers certainty in lot and parking space availability. The TruckPark App features include the real-time ability to select parking locations and parking duration, reserve the spot, and pay for a safe and guaranteed space.

Drivers using the TruckPark App can pull up a map of lots with available spots and pay with a credit card or through an account. The TruckPark App is free to download on an iOS or Android device.

The TruckPark App offers a transactional option for independent drivers, fleets and carriers. Future ancillary services will include mobile ads, discounts on maintenance and dining along the route.

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