TruckPark Partners with UTECH to Help Drivers Find Safe, Secure Parking

TruckPark Partners with UTECH to Help Drivers Find Safe, Secure Parking

TruckPark, a Chicago-based company committed to improving the truck driving experience using technology,today announced a strategic partnership with logistics and transportation-industry software developer UTECH to provide truck drivers with easy access to find safe, secure parking. 

The TruckPark app will now be accessible to more than 10,000 drivers throughout the United States via UTECH’s software. UTECH’s GPSTab software is on tablets that drivers use daily on their routes. GPSTab keeps track of commercial drivers’ hours of service using data from federally mandated electronic logging devices(ELD) and automatic onboard recording devices.

“Our partnership with UTECH helps us to offer secure parking solutions for fleets and carriers,” said Anthony Petitte, TruckPark CEO. “Truckers will have access to the TruckPark app via the ELD platform that they are already using. We’re also working with UTECH on R&D on seamless updates to our technologies.”

GPSTab is one of the most powerful and integrated software solutions on the market for carriers. Itis an ELD that is registered by theFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, yet in addition, it boasts a full suite of essential tools and features, including dash cameras, truck diagnostics, equipment trackers, and a dispatch board. 

“With the ELD mandate expected to fully kick in this December, it will be essential for fleets and drivers to plan routes better,” said Yuriy Nekrasov, CEO of UTECH. “Parking-space infrastructure is underdeveloped, and the ability to reserve spaces strategically can give our clients an advantage.”

“TruckPark and UTECH serve our customers with the same commitment to empower drivers and enhance their experience over the road,” Petitte said.

Finding an available parking spot has become increasingly difficult for commercial truck drivers. There are about 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the U.S., according to the American Trucking Association, but fewer than 400,000 available parking spots. Safety regulations now require drivers to use electronic logging devices (ELD) and limit their driving to 11 hours per day.

TruckPark Inc. is a values-based company driven by the mission “to empower truck drivers while providing a safe and unmatched experience.” We will revolutionize the trucking industry by providing drivers with an easy and reliable app to find safe, secure parking, and an opportunity for private lot owners to maximize their revenues.

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