TruckPark Reserve Will Enable Dispatchers to Efficiently Book

TruckPark Reserve Will Enable Dispatchers to Efficiently Book

Proprietary EBS technology will help drive TruckPark’s continued rapid growth

CHICAGO and BENTONVILLE: September 28th, 2020: TruckPark today announced the launch of a new technology-rich Enterprise Booking System (EBS), that will enable fleet dispatchers to make multiple parking reservations seamlessly. TruckPark is a Chicago-based company committed to improving the truck driving experience using technology to overcome the problem of finding and reserving safe, secure parking.

The new EBS platform, branded TruckPark Reserve, provides a number of benefits to dispatchers, including direct access to safe and secure parking, the ability to book multiple reservations seamlessly, route plan more efficiently, reduce driver turnover, increase payload security and offer a guarantee by TruckPark that each parking spot will be available when the driver arrives to park.

“TruckPark Reserve also provides fleets with improved business intelligence built into the TruckPark app,” said CEO and co-founder Anthony Petite. “We are developing a number of useful tools into TruckPark Reserve transforming the product into a superplatform for brokers, carriers, shippers to use.”

The new, proprietary EBS technology will help drive the continued rapid growth of the company, added COO and co-founder Joshua Walls. “We are bringing a number of new large fleets into partnership with TruckPark because they are excited to be able to help their dispatchers efficiently find parking for their many drivers.”

“Thank you TruckPark for creating the simplest product for convenience to our customers and we are happy to call you a partner” said Max Borisov, Operations Manager at DVL Express. “DVL Express is excited to partner with TruckPark on this new initiative. It allows our drivers to be more productive with HoS regs and route plan more efficiently” Max continues.

TruckPark Inc. is a values-based company driven by the mission “to empower truck drivers while providing a safe and unmatched experience.” We will revolutionize the trucking industry by providing drivers with an easy and reliable app to find safe, secure parking, and an opportunity for private lot owners to maximize their revenues.        

TruckPark: Reserve. Relax. Repeat.

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