TruckPark welcomes to their platform adding more than 40 Truck Yards Across the Country

TruckPark welcomes to their platform adding more than 40 Truck Yards Across the Country

Chicago, Illinois based TruckPark Inc. announced their new partnership with who has joined them to provide truck drivers with access to over 40 reservable and secure locations across the country now and opening another hundred locations by spring of 2021.

“This is the beginning of something incredible, in the next two years we will be adding more than 10,000 new TRUCK PARKING SPACES available to our users,” says Anthony Petitte, CEO and Founder at TruckPark Inc. “We are very excited for this phenomenal partnership. Adding additional parking facilities will not only increase our supply but provide more safe and secure parking for drivers with dedicated routes in the South and Southeast.”

“TruckPark is an impressive platform allowing truck drivers to book parking spaces in real-time in an industry experiencing parking challenges. The greatest difficulty for truck drivers TODAY, is locating available spaces along their routes.  We are very excited to partner with TruckPark with a way to autonomously provide our parking yards to truck drivers,” says Keith Cristal, CEO. “TruckPark will help us maximize our revenues by providing data that helps us monetize our underutilized spaces — reducing labor and operating costs”.

Benefits of this partnership include:

  • Significant increased supply of truck parking space in Atlanta metro, and Charlotte, two of the
  • busiest transportation hubs in the United States
  • Real-time visibility of reservable, and secure truck parking across the southeast
  • Lower parking related costs for drivers, by making it so simple to find parking along the southeastern routes       
  • Expand secure truck parking capacity and simplifying the ability to find safe parking as demand continues to increase

TruckPark is adding parking facilities to their platform throughout the continental U.S., beginning with locations throughout the Midwest, Northeast and Southern states—with a priority on hard to find locations where truck drivers experience difficulty finding parking, especially during hours of high capacity. Finding an available parking spot has become the single most difficult problem for commercial truck drivers across America. With 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States, according to the American Trucking Association, and approximately 1.6 million of those who compete each day for fewer than 400,000 available parking spots nationwide, the trucking industry has a critical shortage of parking spaces. That is why we often see Truckers parked illegally on exit ramps, at shopping centers, and in neighborhoods. Zoning violations, towing, and booting trucks has become rampant in most municipalities. TruckPark is 100% trucker friendly and simplifies the locating of legal, safe spaces throughout the US mitigating safety infractions caused on and off the road.

About TruckPark Inc.: TruckPark Inc. is a value-based company driven by their mission “to empower truck drivers while providing a safe and unmatched experience.” We will revolutionize the trucking industry by providing drivers with an easy and reliable app to find safe, secure parking, and an opportunity for private lot owners to maximize their revenues.

About Founded in 2009 our Local Storage and Parking Company provide locations across greater Atlanta and surrounding states with safe, secure, and affordable Tracer Trailer and Commercial parking for daily, and monthly Parking. Whether you have one truck or one thousand, StoreMyTruck is your best bet for parking in the Southeast.

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